Speaker Biography

Edith Guba

Dao Yuan Schule fuer Qigong, Germany

Title: Qi, the Miracle Power

Edith Guba

Edith Guba heads the Dao Yuan School for Qigong, which she founded in Germany together with her teacher, the Chinese Qigong Master Guo Bingsen. The aim of the school was and is the dissemination of traditional Chinese Qigong methods at a level that can maintain their traditional quality.

In their close collaboration, Guo Bingsen and Edith Guba have also translated the Dao De Jing, a fundamental work of Chinese philosophy, into French and German.


Contrary to some western translations, the old Chinese philosophy understands "Qi" not only as "energy", but as "energy matter" in a very modern sense. Traditional Chinese Qigong works with this "energy-matter" - a phenomenon that can pass from the energetic to the material and vice versa. According to this philosophy everything that exists is composed of different forms of "Qi".

According to this philosophy, we are born as human beings with an individual amount of biological energy, which we consume during our lives. Qigong uses the laws of nature (as they are understood in Chinese philosophy) to intervene in this natural process in order to achieve an increase in health, quality of life and even longevity. The goals of qigong range from healing (restitutio) even serious illnesses to the ability to transmit qi over short or long distances to help others, and from the goal of longevity to the cultivation of mind and life at a high.