Organizing Committee Member

Nobuo Yamaguchi

Nobuo Yamaguchi

Founding Managing Editor

Kanazawa Medical University



Professor Emeritus, Founding Managing Editor, eCAM (Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine), Department of Fundamental Research for CAM, School of Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University. He received his PhD (Biology), From Kanazawa University 1967 and PhD (Medicine) Gunma University in 1973, and was post doctoral fellow at Gunma University, school of medicine, Department of Microbiology. He became Research associate (1975), Lecturlar in Kanazawa Medical University (1979), Associate Professor (1982), and Professor (1987). He has taught immunology/Serology to the first Medical Class (1979), as a chair of the first medical class student since 1987. Professor Yamaguchi has lectured another medical school of Japan as well as Medical and Pharmaceutical School of Mainland China and Taiwan. He had been investigating materno-foetal relation, especially maternal effect on her offspring. In the last stage of his investigation, Professor Yamaguchi proved to the maternal cell traffic to her young. This phenomenon had been established to the gynecological field as micro-chimerism. Professor Yamaguchi proposed that this chimerism possible to develop auto immunity and/or hyper sensitivity in her young. His current research interests include peripheral leukocyte regulation by CAM menu. Professor Yamaguchi organized the International Symposium on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Kanazawa under the supervision of Professor Edwin L Cooper (UCLA), Japan, 2002 and is co-editing the proceedings to be published by Kluwer Publishers, New York. He had established the Foundation, INMPRC: Ishikawa Natural Medicinal Products Research Center Foundation to support new CAM journal, 2008. He was now Founding managing editor of the new journal: Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, (eCAM) published by Oxford University Press (2004). And JECM (Elsevier, 2006) Founding Vice-president.

Research Area

Peripheral leukocyte regulation by CAM menu