Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is the combination of all field related to the botany, Pharmacognosy, Medical research plant, botanical medicine, Ayurveda, Agriculture science, Phytochemistry, phytotherapy, medical plant research, Biotechnology, biochemistry and Unani medicine. Herbalism is the main Session of medical system which uses plant extracts as the important components for healing purpose that can be directly eaten or applied to the skin. Herbal medicine is successful to cure the skin diseases, tuberculosis, jaundice, mental disorder, cancer, AIDS, and many other infections. According to the WHO organisation, In the total world population about 60% depend on herbal medicine.


  • Track 1-1 Practical Herbalism
  • Track 2-2 Natural Therapeutics
  • Track 3-3 Advanced Western Herbalism
  • Track 4-4 Western Clinical Herbalism

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